Friday, July 2, 2010

A hit!

The potato salad was AWESOME!  Pretty much the best I've ever had.  So here is the recipe for those who are interested.

oh and Miracle Whip is a must (rather than mayo)!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Monogram shirt

This is something I might try.... obviously with an "H" though.

I didn't buy it

My very first potato salad!!!!!

Made specially for today's Canada Day BBQ with the Hardy's

I know.... not a big deal! It is a potato salad, right! Well it is a milestone. I always found it easier to buy one pre-made (and it really is easier) than to make it myself. Of course I needed to bring something this afternoon and Ian is at work with the car (not to mention the potatoes that needed to be used up).... so I did it. Yay for me. I haven't tasted it yet (Betty Crocker don't let me down) but I am sure it is just fine.

Happy Canada Day!

Yes I Did!

I have started another blog.... This one is all about the crafty things I create!

Upcoming projects:

Monogram shirt/onesie for Hailey
Split canvas vinyl art for my kitchen
Personalized plaque for Hailey
Growth chart on board....

Don't expect too much at once ;) It may be a slow process but I need goals to work toward. I am getting a bit bored being at home. I plan to get projects done this summer before I open my Day Home in September. I figure I spend TOO much time checking out what other people are doing in their lives. Time to make a life for myself!