Monday, March 26, 2012

For Logan

I made this cover for Diana and her precious premie Logan!  He needed some protection from all the sick kids on his numerous visits back to the doctor.  This cover has only 1 layer instead of 2 (as it is now spring) like I have on my winter carseat cover.  The elastics keep it from blowing up in the wind and exposing baby.  It is also a super soft minky that Diana won't be able to stop 'petting' while she waits to see Logan's dr!

Welcome home Logan, you are such a trooper!

Here fishy, fishy, FISHY!

I made a magnetic fishing set for my girls to play with...  I have had too much fun playing with it myself!

All you need is felt, buttons, magnets, a sewing machine, string and a dowel!

Be as creative as you like!