Monday, November 29, 2010

The WINNER is.....

Thank you to for making this selection unbiased and therefore me 'unblamable' for choosing the winner of the Christmas Countdown Calendar giveaway!

The winner is...

 Number 9 on the list is:
Tasha said...
I follow too :) I thought I already was, but apparently that was a figment of my imagination, lol. This is totally cute!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Give away!

Leave your comments here and become a follower to win this Christmas Countdown Kit!

(just one)

(final product)

Draw date is next Monday November 29th.

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In the works...

Mostly done these projects... I had a productive week, and then a not so productive week.  

My fall blocks just need the beadwork done!

My Christmas Countdown Kits are finished!

My cookie sheet advent calendar just needs some number pieces to go on it!

Having fun making things again though :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am determined to make each of these before Christmas.... here is to hoping that the 'morning' sickness wears off quickly so I can get at it.

The fall crafts that got pushed aside:

A similar wreath

FALL blocks that will be like this... but not like this (you will see)

For Christmas:

 Cookie sheet advent along with at least 2 more advent calendars (something from my childhood).  I am pretty much obsessed with counting down to things... really everything, but Christmas is my favourite.

 Treat jars for friends that will include the glass etching hopefully!

hmmm... what else.  I am making my family an FHE board for Christmas.  I have name blocks to do for a few friends babies and hopefully some awesome baking. I'm pretty stoked about it all... and I think up endless ideas as I lay 'couch bound' for an indefinite amount of time!

Oh please, please let me feel good enough to craft :)