Sunday, January 29, 2012

warm winter carseat cover

I made a car seat cover in May last year when my daughter was born.  You can check it out here!  It is a nice light cotton that hangs loosely over the carseat.  It was great for keeping the sun off of her as well as bugs and nosey strangers away.  In the fall when the wind started to pick up I realized that the cover was useless as it kept blowing off exposing my baby to the elements (have you seen what babies do when wind blows in their face?  They stop breathing - not good if the wind is constant).  So I went to the fabric store with an idea...

I picked up some super cute minky, some elastic and a couple buttons.  I used my old  carseat cover as a template and altered the shape a bit for a better fit with the elastic (the corners had to be rounded more for the elastic to hold tight around the carseat).

I won't be making a tutorial here as there are so many online already.  This one has a printable pattern you can download for free.  I used the straps from this but didn't have my side slits open so wide.  I cut out a half circle where my handles connect to the seat so it is covered completely.  I pieced the elastic in two parts (the front and back sections seperately) and created two loops with the elastic on the front section and sewed 2 buttons on the back section to secure the cover around the handle posts.  You will need to sew the elastic in first around the bottom before sewing the half-circle holes for the handle posts (the elastic does not go through these).

Now I have a cover that is toasty warm, I never have to put a coat on my baby (just a toque and a blanket) even on the coldest days and it doesn't blow away in the wind.  I love it!

I should have made it sooner though as my 8 mth old is getting too heavy to carry around in her bucketseat (I made it in November so I did get some use out of it).  Next month we will be moving her to a bigger, rear facing seat and the cover will go into storage for another baby in the future!