Saturday, November 9, 2013

Pul Training Pants Shell

I used some leftover pieces from the fitted sheet to make training pants.

This is just a shell with no absorbent layer. I like to use the waffle training pants with extra fabric layers to prevent big puddles on the floor when potty training begins (found them at Walmart). Now with this extra shell I won't be worried about Q being on the carpet during training time :)

I followed this tutorial but made the pattern larger to fit my 2.5 yr old. I think it still might be too small in the legs but won't find out till I try them on her tomorrow.  

  •  *Tragic, it didn't fit in the legs.  I should have known.  When I made the pattern larger, adding more seam allowance to the leg areas, it was actually making the leg holes smaller. NOTE: If you increase the size of the pattern add the extra space around the exterior but not in the leg holes.  Cut them in to the size of the initial pattern.

The next pair I will add an absorbent layer so they can be used on their own. 

Waterproof fitted sheet

I finally got around to sewing a waterproof fitted sheet for Quinn's toddler bed (I have only been meaning to do it since we first bought the bed for hailey 2 yrs ago).  

The bed has a foam mattress (purchased at ikea) that of course is a different size than any other toddler bed and they don't sell a waterproof sheet for it. 

I purchased this pul material probably last year and made it all in one day. It is an easy project (which I managed to make more difficult). I followed a tutorial I found on Pinterest but changed the measurements to fit our mattress. 

Now I don't have to worry about the mattress being ruined by pee or puke (or worse ;) or having the old waterproof mat shift around rendering it useless. 

Happy camper over here!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Oven mitts

I made some little oven mitts to match the girls aprons. The first pair is just big enough for Quinn. I will have to make the next set a little larger for Hailey. 

I was thinking about giving it to them as a Christmas present (along with a pretend cookie baking set) but it isn't November yet and I'm too excited to wait. 

I had to piece together enough scraps to make them but hopefully I will have just enough for the last set. 

If I decide to make the chef hat I will have to use different fabric. 


I made some cute headbands at a craft night on Friday. They are newborn sized and will be added to my props for newborn photoshoots.

I have plans to take a professional photography course and am excited to learn how to take better photos. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Yay for crafty time

I am grateful today for a long weekend and company visiting that allowed me to escape to create in my craft room. 

I altered this wreath from last year (or the year before?). Made some super cute felt flowers and glued them on. It was a nice change and a cute addition to our front door. I still have some plans for the front entryway of our home including some vinyl, a mailbox and a planter. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

A .studio Freebie

I haven't been here in a while!!!!

I went back to work 10 months ago and LOVE it!  Unfortunately my 20hrs a week at work has taken away from my crafting, sewing, painting and creating... not to mention spending time with friends :(

I did manage today to create a silhouette file...

Leah, my brilliant fitness instructor at Motion Fitness said this Wednesday morning (while we were busting out a couple hundred squats and lunges with a barbell on our shoulders).  Of course she was referring to strength training but it struck me as profound in relation to every experience we have in our lives!  If my dramatic little girls didn't challenge me, then I wouldn't become a better mother and person.  If people I worked with at church and work weren't difficult it wouldn't help me to be more patient, understanding and forgiving.

I believe we have a great responsibility while on this earth to become the best people we can be.  To make mistakes and learn from them and to encourage those within our sphere of influence to do the same.

I will be cutting this out in vinyl and placing it somewhere in my house where I will see it regularly.  Perhaps this daily reminder will increase my patience and understanding as a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend.

Perhaps someone else will find the same motivation from these words!

Please leave a comment letting me know if the link worked properly - this is the first time I have used GE.TT