Thursday, November 19, 2015

Handbells "The Nativity Song"

I am excited to share my first post about my new Primary calling.  I have included a free .pdf print of the handbell music and ask that you would please PIN or reference back to this blog post if you pass it on :)

The handbell music for this song mainly follows the melody.  I used the 13 bell kit that includes low C to high C with F sharp.  As I don't yet have the higher range set, the music excludes those notes below and above the C's. This song needs to be accompanied by another instrument in order to fill the missing high/low notes or it will sound funny.  We will be singing in Sacrament meeting with a harp to accompany us.  A piano, or flute will also sound beautiful!

Within the music the F will have the sharp symbol on the .pdf and the high C is identified with a box around the top of the C.

This is the sheet music for "The Nativity Song" on page 52 of the Children's Song Book by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

You can find the remaining verses to the song HERE

You can download 'The Nativity Song' .pdf file HERE

Thank you :)

Saturday, November 14, 2015


It has been toooooooooo long!

It is time to dive back into this blog-o-mine as the craftiness continues.  There will be a new addition to the blog as I start posting my Primary music time ideas :)

This summer I was asked to teach music to the children in my church.  I  was so excited as I have always wanted to do this :)  I have already been able to try out numerous ideas I found online and look forward to coming up with some of my own variations!  AND what is right around the corner?  CHRISTMAS!  I'm prepped with my handbells and will be posting colour dot music sheets to go along with the Kids Play bells.

Keep your eyes open :)