Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am determined to make each of these before Christmas.... here is to hoping that the 'morning' sickness wears off quickly so I can get at it.

The fall crafts that got pushed aside:

A similar wreath

FALL blocks that will be like this... but not like this (you will see)

For Christmas:

 Cookie sheet advent along with at least 2 more advent calendars (something from my childhood).  I am pretty much obsessed with counting down to things... really everything, but Christmas is my favourite.

 Treat jars for friends that will include the glass etching hopefully!

hmmm... what else.  I am making my family an FHE board for Christmas.  I have name blocks to do for a few friends babies and hopefully some awesome baking. I'm pretty stoked about it all... and I think up endless ideas as I lay 'couch bound' for an indefinite amount of time!

Oh please, please let me feel good enough to craft :)


  1. Is this where I enter the draw? I hope so :)

  2. I put up a new post so make a comment on that one... you were too quick ;)