Friday, February 11, 2011

Fabric Haul

I love a good fabric sale!  The fabricland one this month was pretty good with buy 1m get 1m free (or 2m free or 3m free depending on the type).  Saved me a bundle!  I didn't have specific projects in mind however so I bought some fairly random patterns.  I made sure a few matched at least so I could use them together.

I washed them all up, ironed and folded them nicely all ready to be used!  I realized during this process that the only time I ever iron has to do with sewing.  I couldn't be bothered to actually make a shirt wrinkle free.... how boring ;)  Too bad Ian hates it too... just means we have to grab certain clothing pieces straight from the hot dryer.... or wear them wrinkly!

I wanted to make something quick so I decided on this plastic bag holder found at Make It and Love It!  I have needed something like this to collect my stash of grocery bags for a while.  Now maybe I will use them as garbage bags instead of paying for those nice (expensive) kitchen bags.

I found this size is actually pretty large.  I'd cut it down to 18" strips across and use only 7 instead of 9 pieces. 

I love this fabric the most out of the ones I purchased so I used it on another project for my nieces...

I love these cute matching aprons!  If I had twins I would totally dress them alike.  Probably a good thing I don't then ;)

They are far from flawless but I am having fun learning how to sew!

I'm still looking for someone who wants to go to Utah in October for this Sewing Summit with me (and upcoming baby).


  1. super cute aprons! I love that fabric! I like your stash too, you are so good about washing/ironing all before you even have a project, I love it!

  2. Oh i want to go to the sewing summet!!!

  3. Ahhhh! Jen thouse grey & yellow coordinating ruffle aprons are adorable... I want one for me! Is the Fabricland sale still on?