Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Don't YOU wish one of these was for YOU?  Maybe it will be ;)

Does everyone love candy as much as I do?  It is a curse really, at least on the dental front ;)

What are your Valentine's traditions?  Do they involve goodies as well or some special event?  I am trying to decide what sort of tradition to begin with my children!  I don't want this 'holiday' (because let's face it, it really isn't a holiday) to become about presents!  Let me know your ideas I would love to hear them :)

This countdown to kisses is going to be something we continue each year!  I love counting down to things.  It adds anticipation and excitement!


  1. my mom left a paper valentine with a little wrapped chocolate at our place at the breakfast table. I still look forward to the ones she sends in the mail to my kids each year.

  2. Did you make your countdown to kisses board?

  3. yes Angie that picture is of the one I made. Christy the glass jars are from the dollar store.

  4. I was wondering if you had any more pictures or details about how you made your Countdown to Kisses. I love your version as well as the original one from Infarrantly Creative and was just wondering if you had made yours any differently than she did.

    1. I mostly followed that tutorial but instead of painting the board and cutting out the 'kisses' I printed the definition of kiss on regular printer paper, modge podged it on the MDF board (it was painted white) and cut out a large square of red vinyl to cover the 12x12 board. Prior to attaching it I cut the 'kisses' word out of the vinyl (along with the 'happy valentines day'). I didn't think about the words showing through the vinyl, which they do a bit and the holes were tricky. I didn't drill mine deep enough so the chocolates don't stay in very well. I totally forgot I had this though. It is almost time to pull it out again :)