Monday, January 17, 2011

Craft catch up

Since Thanksgiving I have had a lot of projects piling up.  I even have all of the supplies to make them with.  What am I waiting for then?  TIME!  I have only 2 precious hours a day while H naps to get things done (okay, after 8 pm too but I usually like to spend some time with my husband on a daily basis).  For the past 4 mths however I have needed to nap when Hailey does.  I think I am over the sleep slump and am determined to finish my fall/winter/Christmas projects before spring hits... Here is the list!

Fall Blocks
Almost complete... just gluing on the beads

Autumn Wreath
Yet to begin

Cookie Sheet Countdown Calendar
Almost done, just finishing the pieces to go on each day

Treat Jars
Need to start

Two other Christmas countdown calendars (one just needs a way to hang it and it is done, and the other has only the hanging pieces complete)

This is my motivation..... WORK JEN WORK!  I'm glad to have some crafty time to myself again.... SO FUN!  Also hoping to start the monthly craft group with friends so I can speak to adults once in a while.

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