Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Soup Day

I found some great soup recipes online that I am going to try today!  First up is the Corn and Leek Chowder found on this blog.  

(oh, missing a couple ingredients for this one... it will have to wait)

Next is this Taco Soup that looks delicious!  Found on this blog

I'll let you know how fabulous they are after the taste test :)


  1. The Taco Soup was good... just needed some more spice added to it. Sadly I left the leftovers in the microwave overnight and had to throw them out :( I'm making the chowder today!

  2. The chowder was great! I made it for the missionaries. I doubled the thickening agent because I like it thicker. It was super good and received thumbs up from my husband, who is sometimes hard to impress!

  3. The chowder was good... it wasn't thick enough when I made it. Thanks for the tip Brooklyn