Thursday, January 20, 2011

Whipped it together

I whipped this together today (I love writing that.... because rarely can I just make something quick... but I did...really).  I had the board already cut/routered and painted.  All I had to do was a little modge podge, drill a few holes, cut some vinyl and stick it all on!  I love it, but there are so many flaws in it too because I haven't done something 'exactly' like this before and messed some things up!

 Hershey Kisses will be put into the little number slots each day as a treat

I have never drilled little holes like this... and really wasn't comfortable doing it.  I should have waited till Ian got home because one of the holes went straight through when it was only supposed to be a partial hole.  I tried to solve the ugly/jagged hole by covering it with vinyl... which worked pretty well.  There will be hershey kisses in the holes anyways so it won't be seen (but I know it is there).

I also used the negative space on the vinyl instead of the positive so that I could have the black letters showing through the 'kisses' word. I modge podged the paper underneath a little crooked though and it went into the above space where it shouldn't have... and I can still see the other writing through the vinyl.  Guess it isn't thick enough vinyl to cover it.

Those are the worst of the flaws... which are bearable.  Maybe this will be a good Valentine's craft for our craft group to try?  I know what to do now so others look nothing but perfect!

I can't wait to get my chocolates and start the countdown!  It will also be the anniversary of Ian proposing 4 years ago (well it was actually on Feb 16th he did it... man was I ticked when Valentine's came and went that year with no ring ;)

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